Thursday, August 6, 2009 really has no idea how to market itself.

Wow, okay, so Junkfoodie, you're an all American boy and you love cheeseburgers. Check. Now all the single women out there know there's a site where they can meet a guy that will take them to Hamburger Hamlet (at best) 5 nights a week. Then the voiceover comes in and informs these lucky women that they can meet someone "special," while at the same time "Junkfoodie" dances and hoots like a fucking idiot.

That's a buttload of win, ad-fucking-wizard-fucktards. I don't blame the actor. He's an actor, I mean shit, I have a friend who did male-enhancement commercials and was put under the impression that they would only air in Canada. Well, they lied to him and I saw my poor actor friend portrayed as a guy who had everything but a functioning penis. This poor guy in this ad probably trained at Oxford and his read on the character was, "oh! I'm playing a douchbag." I mean, with that copy, who wouldn't make that assumption.

The biggest surprise here though is that I was able to find this piece of shit commercial on youtube so easily. The comments are hilarious. Lot's of "Canz I haz Chezberger?" jokes. Good times.

My dog likes to blog, but he has a short attention span: